We've said it before, and we'll say it again: nothing beats the freedom and simplicity of riding a bike. Two tires rolling on and on, scenery passing by, tires crunching over gravel. We can't get enough of it.

But when we discovered the pure fun and adventure of e-bikes, we jumped in headfirst. It has all the fun and exercise of an analog bike but covers twice, triple, or even quadruple the ground. Who can argue with that? Our transition from analog riders to pedal assist mountain bike riders went smoothly, except for one detail: learning everything there is to know about e-bike batteries and e-bike motors.

If you ask any bike manufacturer or retailer, you'll get a slightly different answer about which motor is best, which battery has the longest life, and what you should buy. So here's an introduction to e-bike batteries and motors to help you make your own decision.

Which battery is best for an electric bike?

The one unbreakable rule: lithium ion batteries outperform everything else that is currently realistically available. While early research indicates that sodium-ion batteries may be the battery of choice for the future (even for smartphones and laptops in addition to e-bikes), the safe, time-tested choice for your new e-bike is a high-quality lithium ion battery with Panasonic cells, such as the QuietKat Jeep E-bike Battery.

Lithium Ion vs. Lead Acid Batteries

If you've been doing your e-bike research, you've probably come across lead acid batteries as an alternative to the more common (and significantly more expensive) lithium ion battery.

The main issue is that it is extremely difficult to manufacture a safe, "sealed lead acid" (SLA) battery that is small and light enough to fit into the frame of your e-bike. In other words, the most practical solution is to mount it on a rear rack or to store it in panniers on either side of the rear wheel. While this may work in town or on paved commutes, when it comes to the balance, agility, and lighter weight required to ride rockier, steeper trails safely and successfully, big, bulky battery packs are simply out of the question.

How much is an e-bike battery?

Aside from improved performance and the ability to integrate into the frame of your bike, the main advantage of a lithium ion battery for your e-bike is the ability to easily carry an extra in your pack. A high-quality battery can cost anywhere between $600 and $900, depending on the quality and amp hours.

Most new e-bikes (including all QuietKat E-bikes) include a standard lithium ion battery that neatly clicks into your bike's frame. However, if you're planning to cover a lot of ground, climb a lot of elevation, or camp in the middle of nowhere with nothing but what you can lash to your bike (a personal favorite of ours), having an extra battery can mean the difference between a successful ride out and a full-on grind. In a nutshell, it's a good investment. Pro tip: every e-bike is slightly different. Check that your backup battery is compatible with your specific frame.

Lastly, due to their high value and ease of transportation, e-bike batteries have unfortunately become a target for thieves. Make sure to keep an eye on your e-bikes at all times, and remove the battery before locking your frame up outside in public.

So you're thinking about getting a backup battery, but first you want to know...

How long does an e-bike battery last?

Although there are confounding variables that affect the lifespan of an average lithium ion battery, such as elevation gained and conditions (it's much more difficult to pedal through ice, snow, and mud than it is to pedal over hard-packed, smooth dirt), it's safe to assume that a top-of-the-line, fully charged lithium ion battery, such as the QuietKat Apex 1500W Battery with 52V (volts) and 17.5AH (amp hours), can get you

Simply multiply volts by amp hours if you find it easier to understand battery power in watt hours. With 52V and 17.5AH, the above example yields 910 watt hours.

Finally, let’s talk e-bike motors

It's impossible to forget the first time you get on an e-bike and feel the motor kick in, propelling you forward and throwing your torso back. This is how it works:

Crack your motor open (we don't recommend it because you'll completely ruin it, but it's an interesting YouTube search) and you'll see the stator: When current enters the motor controller from the battery, a bunch of wires wound around a circular series of poles becomes an electromagnet.

A series of magnets will also be visible near or inside the stator. This is the rotor. To put it simply, the sensation you feel when the e-bike lunges forward with your pedal stroke is caused by the interaction of the stator's electromagnet and the magnets in the rotor when current is introduced.

But how does this affect you? Although the principles remain the same, not all e-bike motors are created equal. Take the time to do your homework, reading articles like this one to fully weigh your options before making a decision.

Are Ebikes Worth It?

Ebikes are a newly developing trend in the cycling world. However, are they worth it despite the much larger price than traditional bikes? That answer depends on the cyclist. If you're a purist, you would probably opt for the tried and true bicycle. A cyclist with interest in innovation may find themselves eying an ebike. Let’s learn more about ebikes and see which one would suit your taste.

What is an Ebike?

We should start with the obvious. You need to know the facts before you make an educated decision. Ebikes are almost the same as regular bikes, with one significant difference. Ebikes have electrical components. These extra electrical parts may include:

a motor
a battery
a controller

Some bikes may even come with a display screen depending on your model or where you get your ebike. Ebikes have many of the same parts as traditional bikes, such as wheels, handlebars, and frames. Electric bikes will also have pedals and brakes, but some may have a thumb throttle or pedal assist.

How do you use an e-bike?

Now that you know what e-bikes are (and if you're still interested) let's go over how e-bikes work. This fact may surprise you, but e-bikes work just like regular bikes. The electrical components are meant to augment human power, not completely replace it. That means the bike's electrical abilities don't kick in until you make them.

Ebikes were also designed to be simple to operate, so switching from manual to electric should be no problem. Once the electrical parts are working, they should make things like hills and rougher terrain much easier to navigate. 3/26/23

Is an e-bike worth it?

As mentioned before, it depends on the cyclist. If you like your traditional bike and have no desire to incorporate electric parts, they probably aren't for you. I would also think that if you don't even use a regular bike very much, this probably wouldn't be up your alley either. You should consider an ebike if you fit any of the following points:

You cycle on rough terrain often.
You have an interest in technical innovation
You are a dedicated cycle enthusiast

If anything in this blog has sparked your interest, by all means, look into an ebike. However, keep in mind that they are still relatively new and can backfire if not used properly. Remember to research new things, follow instructions on using them, and stay safe. 1/7/2023



Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular, and women should own one. If you are a woman who wants to ride an electric bike, Aostirmotor will provide you with some helpful tips!


  • The most significant advantage of riding an electric bike is that it improves your heart health.
  • Riding an e-bike has been linked to a lower risk of developing breast cancer. Riding an e-bike has the potential to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Active women have a lower risk of developing cancer later in life.
  • Women who spend the majority of their time at home may be vitamin D deficient. Riding an e-bike thus increases your chances of getting vitamin D.
  • It has the potential to increase muscle strength and promote restful sleep. Women who cycle for at least 30 minutes per day can fall asleep without the use of medication or therapy.
  • The immune system is fortified. This benefit of riding an electric bike will aid in germ prevention.
  • Women prefer activities that are both relaxing and enjoyable. Riding an e-bike is not only a versatile form of exercise, but it also improves your cognitive abilities and allows you to feel at ease without having to do any chores.


The type of e-bike you require is largely determined by personal factors or the purpose for which you intend to use it. However, the following three Aostirmotor e-bike models are suitable or will assist you in achieving your goal of purchasing an e-bike.


Both models' Low step-through Frame designs are elderly and female-friendly, providing convenience and superior comfort. It represents a careful balance of classic design, powerful performance, and practical functionality. Ideal for city streets or nearby bike paths.

The sturdy aluminum rear rack is ideal for transporting your adorable pets or your adorable children to school. A better-looking, more comfortable, lighter, and easier-to-control city electric bike is always the better option!


The Aostirmotor A20 is a folding electric bike with fat tires that has something for everyone. The A20 allows you to avoid traffic, save time on your commute, save storage space, and make loading easier. Take advantage of the portability of a perfectly folded fat tire e-bike.


Do you enjoy slow, off-road walking? If so, a mountain bike with a variety of features is an excellent choice. Flat handlebars, fat tires, and superior front and rear suspension components improve your riding experience significantly. This bike is suitable for exploring the woods or off-road riding.


Choosing the right e-bike size allows women to ride comfortably and safely, allowing you to stay on track.

Small, medium, and large electric bikes are available. The ride height is an important consideration when determining the size of an e-bike. To find the exact e-bike size that fits her perfectly, a woman must consult the store's size chart. Each e-manufacturer bike's provides its own sizing recommendations. If you still can't decide which size is best for you, you can contact the store's mailbox, and they will recommend an e-bike that is the best fit for you.

When selecting the appropriate e-bike size, consider your comfort and efficiency. You can also change out some e-bike parts, such as the stem and handlebar, to better suit your needs.

Getting a bike that is the perfect size and height for you is critical. Check out these details for your fantastic cycling opportunity. Women's bikes can also be purchased with women-specific components. If you like a bike but it needs some modifications, have it done by a cycling professional to fit your needs. 12/17/2022

Should You Invest in an Electric Bicycle Rental?

Hello, all of us here at Cece's E-Bike Garage want to share some helpful information for our visitors and our customers because at this time we unfortunately do not offer any type of e-bike rental services, however we would like you to check out our friends over at Boneshaker Electric Bikes. Please read below for more information about this amazing company:

Electric bicycle rental is a good investment at an average price of up to $20 an hour. However, electric bicycle rental would probably only benefit a specific group. Read on to find out if you fit in any of those categories.

Who Would Benefit from Electric Bicycle Rental?

Electric bicycle rental would most benefit the following groups:

  • Riders who can’t afford to purchase their own electric bicycles
  • People who are trying out electric bicycles for the first time
  • Casual riders
  • Travelers
  • People who want to use electric bicycles but can’t afford or don’t know how to perform maintenance and repairs

There are probably even more groups that can fit on this list, but these are the main ones we're working with today.

Everyone Can Ride

With the power of electric bicycle rentals, everyone can ride an ebike. Electric bicycles are expensive. They can cost up to thousands of dollars. By trying an electric bike rental, you can try before you buy.

Suppose you really enjoy the experience but can't afford the hefty price tag. In that case, you could also choose to keep renting whenever you can. This practice will have some perks, such as not worrying about maintenance and repairs.

A Good Idea for Beginners and Casual Riders

Returning to the point of the expensive price tag, renting an electric bicycle can cut costs for people trying out the hobby. Think of it this way. If you don't enjoy the electric bicycle, you don't spend thousands of dollars on a bike you'll never use. You only spent a few twenties on a few hours of your time. Sounds good if you're trying out the bike, right? Besides, if you do like it, you can always rent again or purchase your own.

The same can be said for casual riders that will only use an electric bicycle rental once in a while. You might as well put down a few twenties every once in a while versus paying over a grand for something you might use every few months.

Beneficial for Travelers

 Electric bicycle rental is an excellent solution if you travel often and want a more healthy and outdoorsy way to travel than a car. Additionally, electric bikes are harder to store for travel on airplanes and other types of transportation, so renting one would be preferable to packing one on your journey.

No Maintenance or Repairs

We touched on the lack of maintenance and repairs briefly. The bottom line is that you are not responsible for maintenance or repairs when renting an electric bicycle. No repairs are a huge selling point for people with no mechanic skills. You can still take part! Lack of repairs and maintenance also saves you a ton of money compared to owning an electric bicycle. 

If you fit into any of the above criteria and are interested in ebikes. Electric bicycle rental is worth a look. Companies in the ebike industry and those interested in ebikes are innovative in their ways of thinking. 12/08/2022


We read this in the Electric Bike Owners group on Facebook and would like to share this to do our part to protect other e-bike enthusiasts.

“Do not Purchase a Heybike! They will not replace damaged parts or give you a Full Refund! Our bike arrived with a warped front wheel. Called Heybike, they wanted pictures, did that.”

“Now they want video. We just asked for a wheel replacement. We decided, after more excuses from Heybike to return the whole bike! We ordered through Amazon for the protection of their full return guarantee. Amazon approved the return with a full refund. Heybike has had possession of the damaged bike since October 18th. After constant phone calls & Emails we just received a PARTIAL REFUND on November 2nd!! Now no one answers the phone, it goes to voice mail. I read other reviews that said this. I believe they Block your phone number. Next I am reporting them to Amazon then my states Att. General & the Better Business Bureau!”

“Stay away from this unethical company!!” Caroline W 11/03/2022

Your Local Bike Shop On Wheels No More Hassle. We Come Directly To You.

We have given this some serious thought and one of the biggest issues we see e-bike enthusiasts talk about is one of the biggest downsides to ordering an electric bike online is "What happens when my bike needs a repair or what happens if I get stuck on assembling it together because we all know there are very few electric bikes that arrive fully assembled?" So, by being curious about how Cece’s E-Bike Garage can set itself aside from our competitors and offer our customers some type of solution to these problems, we figured this out by one of our vendors offering this company’s services to their customers as an add-on service. This caught our attention and the question it gave us is "are they located in the United States as well as Canada? And will they service all brands of bikes? The answer to both these questions is YES, they do and YES, they are in just about all major cities throughout the United States simply type in your zip code to see if they can come to you or a zip code where you could possibly meet one of their service vans. We were told that if your bike requires a new part, it is important to contact the manufacturer and do any prior troubleshooting so the customer can order and have the new part in hand before paying for them to come out so this can save the customer on the bill.

Hitting a roadblock? Does your bike need maintenance or repair? Schedule an appointment now with a local Velofix electric bike specialist today by visiting https://www.velofix.com/


Don't Buy Surplus or Low-Cost Electric Bikes.

Many low-cost electric bikes are neither reliable nor safe, so purchasing one is frequently a gamble. They are not intended for long-term use due to poor craftsmanship or poorly executed electronics. Some low-cost fat tire bikes lack even the most basic electrical safety features, exposing the rider to electric shock. Furthermore, many surplus models cannot climb hills or provide an adequate level of pedal assist. They have insufficient power and cannot travel far. There is no way to get them serviced if something goes wrong. You can't rely on them. Finally, most are uncomfortable to use. Select safety and true performance. Choose only electric bike brands that have a long history in the market, as well as certifications. 9/22/2022



Electric Bike Company, a well-known California-based e-bike manufacturer, has just released an all-new Model F. The company describes it as a 'foldable electric cruiser,' with cruiser style e-bikes being the company's main focus.

While it is capable of 28 mph, EBC's website states that the factory settings are 20 mph throttle and 20 mph PAS, indicating that it is a class 2 machine.

The F stands for folding, and EBC chose smaller-than-usual 24′′ wheels to keep things manageable when the bike is folded. It is a single speed, like other EBD models, but unlike other modes, there is no seven speed derailleur option.

It has a 750 watt rear hub motor with a ten-year warranty and a frame-integrated but removable battery that EBC claims can travel up to 50 miles and is guaranteed for five years. The powerful hydraulic disc brakes with effectively large 180mm rotors provide plenty of stopping power.

Despite being their first folding model, the Model F incorporates many of EBC's well-known cruiser design elements, such as an adjustable handlebar stem and various stainless steel components. It is currently available in white, red, and black and costs $1,799. 8/30/2022

I happen to watch a very informative YouTube Video today and really wanted to share this even though we currently do not carry some of the brands discussed in the video however one of our brands is discussed and rated as one of the best built in the quality category and we are very proud of that! well here it is. 8/20/2022

In most cases, a good rule of thumb is 2-4 years — though maintenance, storage and how often you use the battery will have a direct effect on your e-bike battery's useful lifespan. Though thinking of a battery's lifespan in terms of years makes sense to most people, time is not really the most accurate metric, (Electric Bike Report, 2021, Sep 13). https://electricbikereport.com/how-long-do-electric-bike-batteries-last/ 7/25/22

Honestly, I am not positive how to start a blog on any specific topic so I would like to begin by letting my readers know my plans for this blog. We are going to be discussing the best E-Bike brands in the United States including E-Bikes that are assembled here in the United States. We will also be looking into some of the international companies also. We want to take a journey together into seeing what the absolute best E-Bikes are for quality, price, durability, etc. As a bonus we will also discuss our favorites and why we like these the most. We are always interested in customers feedback on our posts and your own thoughts and experiences on this subject, we look forward to hearing from you! 6/25/22.