Hello, all of us here at Cece's E-Bike Garage want to share some helpful information for our visitors and our customers because at this time we unfortunately do not offer any type of e-bike rental services, however we would like you to check out our friends over at Boneshaker Electric Bikes. Please read below for more information about this amazing company:

Should You Invest in an Electric Bicycle Rental?

Electric bicycle rental is a good investment at an average price of up to $20 an hour. However, electric bicycle rental would probably only benefit a specific group. Read on to find out if you fit in any of those categories.

Who Would Benefit from Electric Bicycle Rental?

Electric bicycle rental would most benefit the following groups:

  • Riders who can’t afford to purchase their own electric bicycles
  • People who are trying out electric bicycles for the first time
  • Casual riders
  • Travelers
  • People who want to use electric bicycles but can’t afford or don’t know how to perform maintenance and repairs

There are probably even more groups that can fit on this list, but these are the main ones we're working with today.

Everyone Can Ride

With the power of electric bicycle rentals, everyone can ride an ebike. Electric bicycles are expensive. They can cost up to thousands of dollars. By trying an electric bike rental, you can try before you buy.

Suppose you really enjoy the experience but can't afford the hefty price tag. In that case, you could also choose to keep renting whenever you can. This practice will have some perks, such as not worrying about maintenance and repairs.

A Good Idea for Beginners and Casual Riders

Returning to the point of the expensive price tag, renting an electric bicycle can cut costs for people trying out the hobby. Think of it this way. If you don't enjoy the electric bicycle, you don't spend thousands of dollars on a bike you'll never use. You only spent a few twenties on a few hours of your time. Sounds good if you're trying out the bike, right? Besides, if you do like it, you can always rent again or purchase your own.

The same can be said for casual riders that will only use an electric bicycle rental once in a while. You might as well put down a few twenties every once in a while versus paying over a grand for something you might use every few months.

Beneficial for Travelers

 Electric bicycle rental is an excellent solution if you travel often and want a more healthy and outdoorsy way to travel than a car. Additionally, electric bikes are harder to store for travel on airplanes and other types of transportation, so renting one would be preferable to packing one on your journey.

No Maintenance or Repairs

We touched on the lack of maintenance and repairs briefly. The bottom line is that you are not responsible for maintenance or repairs when renting an electric bicycle. No repairs are a huge selling point for people with no mechanic skills. You can still take part! Lack of repairs and maintenance also saves you a ton of money compared to owning an electric bicycle. 

If you fit into any of the above criteria and are interested in ebikes. Electric bicycle rental is worth a look. Companies in the ebike industry and those interested in ebikes are innovative in their ways of thinking. 12/08/2022

By Fulton Smith, 8/30/2022

Day 8 of my ride alongside the Rhine river from source to sea. Today was a rest day spent in Basel so with no cycling involved may not be of interest to the forum however for continuity I've published anyway.

Firstly the big news ... Joel Wicki is the new “Schwingen King” of Switzerland. The 25-year-old triumphed in this weekend's national wrestling championships. The winner of the kid's downhill carting is as yet undetermined.

I slept in this morning before heading out to explore Basel on my rest day. Basel is a city of amazing galleries and museums and I was looking forward to seeing a few. The Kunstmuseum Basel began life as a private art collection in the 16th century. Interestingly the museum has one of the most significant Picasso collections in Europe - in 1967, a local art collector, who owned two of Picasso's work, fell on hard times and needed to sell his collection that was on loan to the Kunstmuseum at the time.  The good folk of Basel were in uproar and took to the streets to collect donations and lobby the city to purchase the works.  8.4 million Swiss francs sealed the deal. Picasso was so impressed with the citizen's passion, he donated a further 4 paintings to the city! I was so looking forward to seeing the collection ... unfortunately I was to discover the museum (and most museums in Basel) are closed Mondays! By the time the museum reopens tomorrow I'll be pedalling towards Strasbourg! 

To make matters worse my personal favourite, the Caricature & Cartoon Museum Basel, was also closed.

I used my now free morning to continue exploring the old town. It is on a hillside and comprises of mainly narrow cobble-stoned streets and alleyways connected by stairs. These streets don't seem to have any obvious layout so it's easy to lose your way.  GPS and Google Maps aren't useful - GPS because the narrow streets make of hard to pick up a signal, and Maps because of the lack of detail. Not that any of this mattered, it was a relaxing and interesting wander.

Today and tomorrow will hit 30 degrees centigrade, warm by even Australian standards. I'm already thinking about tomorrow's ride and the need to get away early to beat the heat. 

A Swiss Chocolatier (chocolate shop) caught my eye and it was a perfect time for a break. I ordered a chocolate sorbet and a pilsner beer. The waitress gave me a weird look until I explained that I wanted them separately. The waitress still gave me a weird look ... I guess they don't have sorbet with beer chasers in this part of the world!

I've enjoyed Basel, although different as cities are from their rural and regional cousins. The old town has been able to somehow blend old and new in a harmony that works. As I people watch, I hear street performers to my left and right.  One playing Swiss German folk music on a piano accordian, the other a world-class cellist playing modern popular music for a watchful crowd. Seems about right!

I leave Switzerland for the last time tomorrow. My next fortnight will be criss-crossing the Rhine river, alternating between France and Germany. Thank you Switzerland, you have been a wonderful host. 

I'm doing this ride to raise funds for Blue Dragon Children's Foundation. I'm self-supported so all donations go directly to Blue Dragon.

By Charles/CEO 8/29/2022
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