The story of The BOB Company which is the abbreviation for Battery Operated Bike (B.O.B.) is a unique one that began in 2014 in Longbranch, New Jersey when two fathers decided to create foldable electric bikes that everyone could enjoy. Once these foldable bikes hit stores, they were quickly sold out from how awesome they were, and everyone wanted one of their own. Then in 2019, the sons of the two fathers were given the reigns of their fathers’ company and created a road bike style starting with the frame giving extreme attention to every component of the new e-bike’s design to create the best transportation e-bike.


Bob is much more than your ordinary electric bike. It’s a company that envisions a world of transportation that’s enjoyable and accessible to all. Plus, energy efficient. The co-founders David and Jake decided to build this e-bike because they got into e-bikes at a young age from their fathers being in the industry for over 10 years. This became a strong passion for them both, so they decided to investigate all the bike's dynamics and components and tried to create something unique that no one else had in the industry. So, over the years, they wanted to understand what a bike is about and what it’s comprised of. They spent a lot of time in the bike shops where people would bring in their bikes and they would first understand the problems.


The difference between BOB and other e-bikes is that The BOB Company has created a very reliable e-bike. The frame itself has been strongly put together as well as all the other bike components. Each of the bike’s parts is sourced from the best of the best companies and there was a lot of research done on each of these parts to guarantee that everything came together perfectly to really make the BOB complete perfection. You can take this bike for joy rides, commuter rides, take it to lunch, or any type of adventure that you like. BOB can be your everyday use bike. The co-founders of BOB believe the most important thing to every rider, whether it’s a BOB or anyone that owns an e-bike that it’s important that you know there is a team of people behind you, and this is what makes BOB the most dependable commuter e-bike in the market today. Begin your own BOB adventure today.


Some other amazing facts about The BOB Company are their e-bikes are being put to daily use by several police officers to serve and protect the community. This demonstrates precisely how dependable these bikes are built as it is said “the proof is in the pudding”. This takes out the guesswork for purchasing yours today.




  • A bike is less expensive than a car or public transportation. Buy a bike once, ride it instead of driving or taking the subway, and voila—instant savings! Yes, there is no need for fuel or charges to get you to your destination. The cherry on top is that a good bike will most likely outlast your car!


  • Your new bicycle will be eco-friendly. That's what I call a clean (green) conscience. Bicycling not only saves our environment from additional pollution, but also has a minuscule manufacturing footprint when compared to cars, buses, and subways. What an easy way to help the environment!


  • You avoid traffic and parking lot searches. How many times have you been late due to traffic or the proverbial scavenger hunt for the only available parking space within a 5-mile radius? We thought so, too. With a bike, you can control when you arrive at your destination and save a lot of time because you can lock it pretty much anywhere...


  • You'll lose weight and get healthier. Without changing your diet, replacing your current motorized commute with a bicycle will improve your health (and waistline!). In fact, most cyclists report losing up to 20 pounds in their first year of riding (in addition to the obvious aerobic and stress-zapping benefits).


  • You'll have a great time. This is probably our favorite point of all because we see it every day with each of our tours and rentals. The truth is that riding a bike is a lot of fun. Simple, but accurate! So, why not make your days and years more enjoyable by incorporating a bicycle into your weekly routine? We expected you to agree!


  • The most comfortable bike you'll ever ride and includes cruise control how sweet is that!



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At this moment, we only ship within the US.

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All of our e-bikes are shipped with "Signature Required". This is to ensure your e-bike gets to you safely. You can make arrangements accordingly based on the date on your expected delivery tracking info.

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