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Electric Bike Company set out with the goal of creating the perfect cargo-carrying system in the history of all cargo carriers for electric bikes in the market today and they have by far outdone themselves with the creation of the Mountied Is Key (MIK) System.


This system takes out the guessing work of how will I be able to bring all my stuff with me on my adventures and what sets this cargo carrier aside from all others is the ability it offers to interchange carriers, for example, today you might want to bring a basket full of food for a nice cruise and stop at that perfect location for a picnic in the sun or another day you might want to go for a ride and bring your doggy along for the fun trip you planned with the MIK system, you can change out carriers with a simple release to remove or click to lock in action and "BAM" you are ready to roll again!


Carrier for the Basil Universal Cargo System MIK is a bicycle backrest mounting system. The rear carrier is built of aluminum and is universal, fitting 24 and 26-inch bicycles. MIK's universal cargo carrier was created specifically for all of Basil's (MIK) accessories that include a MIK adapter plate. The bag bar on the carrier allows you to simply attach panniers to it, making it useful for shopping. The system carrier also contains a clamping spring and a 10 mm diameter. You may also swap your basket or pannier at any time thanks to the MIK system. The MIK system also includes mounting choices for lamps with a diameter of 80 mm. The carrier of the MIK system is available in matte black.


The MIK Adapter Plate is an excellent addition for swiftly and effortlessly transporting your important belongings. This useful adaptor plate comes in traditional black.


  • Use the MIK Adapter Plate in combination with compatible accessories.
  • This plate can be used to attach bicycle baskets and panniers from any compatible range.
  • Perfect for use with bikes already fitted with MIK systems or upgraded with the MIK Carrier Plate.
  • Includes a lock and key for added security.
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