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The Rambo Bike's story begins in Lakeville, Minnesota, where the idea was born from a genuine passion for the great outdoors and was designed by outdoor enthusiasts, like yourself. These fat tire bikes are designed to meet the needs of hunters and are suitable for all terrain, with a focus on fields and woodland. When you ride a Rambo Bike, you are using a powerful, stealthy tool that allows you to travel into the woods in complete silence to scout the land, carry gear, or simply enjoy the ride.


Rambo Bikes was not the first manufacturer to develop high-quality, durable electric hunting bikes, but they have a loyal following of satisfied customers. When you ride a Rambo bike, you can feel the raw power every time you turn it on. You can choose from 750-watt to 1000-watt motors, rear hub, or mid-drive motors, and no matter what you prefer, you will benefit from quality-made bikes with premium components.


Using a Rambo Bike for hunting is revolutionary. If you've been struggling to make the long hike through miles of wooded land while carrying 50 pounds of gear, an e-bike eliminates the need to compromise. You can reach your blind and check the perimeter without breaking a sweat while carrying your gear. You get their scent-free and quietly. So, what are YOU waiting for the time to get yours is today!




Rambo  Rear Hub and Mid Drive

Rambo e-bikes are available in a variety of colors, frame designs, rigid forks, and suspension systems. The most important question to ask yourself is whether you need a rear hub or a mid-drive motor. By offering both types of motors, they provide an e-bike for everyone, at various price points and capabilities. But what are the main distinctions between the two?


The rear hub motors are housed in the rear wheel, whereas the mid-drive motor is in the center of the bike between the pedals. Both perform admirably and provide the rider with plenty of power. Because the rear hub is less expensive to produce, it is usually the deciding factor in e-bike pricing.


Rambo Bikes uses Bafang motors, which are the best on the market, so whether you choose a rear hub or mid-drive e-bike, you're getting a great e-bike with a quality motor.


When compared to a rear hub motor, the mid-drive motor has higher performance and torque, allowing it to perform better on hills. The main reason for this is that the mid-drive motor drives the crank instead of the wheel, multiplying its power and allowing it to better utilize the e-bike's existing gears. This results in a more efficient motor and a more stable e-bike.





Range: 35 Miles

Motor: Bafang 750W BBS02

Load Capacity: 300 lbs.

Weight: 63 lbs.




Range: 38 Miles

Motor: Bafang 750W BBSHD

Load Capacity: 300 lbs.

Weight: 63 lbs.




Range: 48 Miles

Motor: Bafang 1,000W BBSHD

Load Capacity: 300 lbs.

Weight: 69 lbs.



The Rambo Bikes R750XP 750-watt model) and Rambo Bikes R1000XP 1000-watt model) were the newest additions to the 2018/2019 catalog. They were released in mid-2018 and have hunters going farther with more gear and staying out longer than ever before, making trips more successful. There is an ideal e-bike for you among the many other models available.


They were also named one of the Top Eleven Electric Hunting Bikes for 2022.


Their electric hunting bikes are also useful for mobility, commuting, and utility applications outside of the woods. They are designed for off-road travel, making them portable, stealthy, and powerful.


They are also ideal for local transportation. Lithium-ion batteries provide clean, green, and silent power for navigating all types of riding terrain.


They have a large selection of electric hunting bikes designed to quietly conquer difficult terrain, allowing you to get to your tree stand or check your trail cameras without spooking the wildlife or leaving a scent trail. And all in a fraction of the time it would take to walk.




  • Go Farther - Rambo e-bikes allow you to travel further in a fraction of the time it would take you to walk.
  • Built By HuntersRambo Bikes are designed by hunters for hunters, so you get more than just an e-bike; you get an electric hunting bike tailored to your specific needs.
  • No Scent TrailWith an e-bike, you can travel without leaving a scent trail and gain a significant advantage when you need it the most.
  • Move StealthilyThey're surprisingly quiet, so you won't frighten the game.
  • Carry Extra GearThey are designed to carry 300 pounds, and if that isn't enough, the trailers can carry an additional 50 pounds, allowing you to make one quick, easy trip in and out instead of a tiring back and forth with heavy gear on your back. Plus the bunch of other accessories available like rear racks and waterproof saddlebags for extra storage on the bike and not on your back.
  • Stay Out LongerYou can stay out longer than before because you can carry more gear and supplies.
  • Age is Not a FactorIt allows anyone to reach distant locations without the fatigue of hiking with gear, so no matter your age or physical condition, those long-forgotten golden spots are once again within reach.
  • Limited Mobility Not an ObstacleHunters with limited mobility, whether it's from an old injury that didn't heal properly or a life-changing injury, an e-bike can make all the difference in getting you back out hunting.
  • Reach Remote Unspoiled SpotsYou can go further than the weekend warrior will go. Leave them at home and ride your e-bike to your destination.
  • Check Trail Cameras QuicklyRambo e-bikes can reach speeds ranging from 20 to 28 mph, depending on the model. You can check your perimeter and trail cameras and return before anything is missed.
  • Stay SafeBecause e-bikes are fast, you can escape a potentially dangerous situation in seconds.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Hunting is also about environmental preservation. They are aware of this and have created an environmentally friendly e-bike.
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