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The SWFT Bike's story begins in March 2020 in New York, guided by a decade of experience in the transportation and e-mobility industries. SWFT was founded to expand its existing line of electric rides to include a range of e-bikes and an e-moped. And because they have developed a comprehensive supply chain all the way down to the parts, they can offer affordable prices without sacrificing quality, style, or the environment.


SWFT is led by a dedicated team of creatives, product innovators, and industry professionals who move with purpose. They are learning about what works and what doesn't with their customers' rides and developing and evolving their products in direct response to that feedback. At Cece's E-Bike Garage we are always interested in hearing from customers about the bikes we sell as well, so please do not hesitate to Contact Us with your feedback.


SWFT offers solutions for short-distance personal e-mobility via bicycles, mopeds, and other vehicles. SWFT was created by an On-Spec team of designers, engineers, and product development specialists who enjoy bringing innovative ideas to life. They are able to handle each part of the production process with care, from tires to footpads to LED lights, because they partner exclusively with the factory where SWFT is made. Start your adventure today with an SWFT ride that makes commuting a breeze.





Max Range: 37.2
Top Speed: 20 MPH.
Motor: 500W
Load Capacity: 265 lbs.
Weight: 50.7 lbs.




Max Range: 38 MI.
Top Speed: 20 MPH.
Brushless Motor: 400W
Load Capacity: 265 lbs.
Weight: 161.4 lbs.


Mark Joseph, CEO of Mobitas Advisors.


"I am thrilled to support the SWFT team on their path of impressive growth," says Mark Joseph, CEO of Mobitas Advisors. "We know that consumers are increasingly seeking out alternative modes of transportation, like e-bikes, as quick and efficient ways to travel, and there's no more experienced or equipped team to enter the market than this one." 


Built with a mission to empower consumers and commercial partners to use sustainable, efficient, and safe modes of transportation, SWFT offers sleek and eco-conscious alternatives to cars and public transportation. SWFT plans include the launch of a complete line of fully integrated personal electric vehicles ranging from e-motorcycles to low-speed vehicles, starting in early 2022. SWFT will offer solutions to both consumers and commercial partners for the delivery of goods and services.


"Personal e-mobility is a generational shift and we are proud to introduce SWFT to the market. We created SWFT not only to change how people move but to change how they feel about movement," says David Liniado, Co-Founder and CEO of SWFT.


"Over the course of the last eighteen months, we built and developed our products alongside some of the best minds in the business. Our products are safe and enjoyable, and we're thrilled about the community we're fostering around empowering movement and staying active." 




  • A bike is less expensive than a car or public transportation. Buy a bike once, ride it instead of driving or taking the subway, and voila—instant savings! Yes, there is no need for fuel or charges to get you to your destination. The cherry on top is that a good bike will most likely outlast your car!


  • Your new bicycle will be eco-friendly. That's what I call a clean (green) conscience. Bicycling not only saves our environment from additional pollution, but also has a minuscule manufacturing footprint when compared to cars, buses, and subways. What an easy way to help the environment!


  • You avoid traffic and parking lot searches. How many times have you been late due to traffic or the proverbial scavenger hunt for the only available parking space within a 5-mile radius? We thought so, too. With a bike, you can control when you arrive at your destination and save a lot of time because you can lock it pretty much anywhere...


  • You'll lose weight and get healthier. Without changing your diet, replacing your current motorized commute with a bicycle will improve your health (and waistline!). In fact, most cyclists report losing up to 20 pounds in their first year of riding (in addition to the obvious aerobic and stress-zapping benefits).


  • You'll have a great time. This is probably our favorite point of all because we see it every day with each of our tours and rentals. The truth is that riding a bike is a lot of fun. Simple, but accurate! So, why not make your days and years more enjoyable by incorporating a bicycle into your weekly routine? We are sure you will agree!


  • 10% of proceeds will be donated to NYRP, an organization that works to ensure all New Yorkers have equitable access to food & green space. 

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