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We have given this some serious thought and and one of the biggest issues we see e-bike enthusiasts talk about is one of the biggest downsides to ordering an electric bike online is "What happens when my bike needs a repair or what happens if I get stuck on assembling it together because we all know there are very few electric bikes that arrive fully assembled?" So, by being curious about how Cece’s E-Bike Garage can set itself aside from our competitors and offer our customers some type of solution to these problems, we figured this out by one of our vendors offering this company’s services to their customers as an add-on service. This caught our attention and the question it gave us is "are they located in the United States as well as Canada? And will they service all brands of bikes? The answer to both these questions is YES, they do and YES, they are in just about all major cities throughout the United States simply type in your zip code to see if they can come to you or a zip code where you could possibly meet one of their service vans. We were told that if your bike requires a new part, it is important to contact the manufacturer and do any prior troubleshooting so the customer can order and have the new part in hand before paying for them to come out so this can save the customer on the bill.

White Glove Assembly By Velofix.

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